Desert Tour (Half Day)

Feel the peace, silence and warmth of the desert

Why Khara/Varzaneh Desert Tour?

Iranian plateau is one of the most desert plateaus in the world, which many travelers from all over the world travel to with its beautiful and spectacular views. Part of the desert areas of Iran is located near Isfahan, which can be easily traveled to in a short time. Visiting the Varzaneh desert, in addition to the beautiful natural landscape, will save you travel time and allow you to visit other attractions.

Duration: Half Day (4-6 hours)

Date: Everyday according to request

Group: 1-3 persons (more is possible)

Difficulty: Easy (1.5/5)

Price: 70€/$ (for group)


You’ll pay for
  • English language tour guide
  • Visiting plan & the best timing  to visit
  • Round transportation from/to hotel
  • 1 bottle of water per pax


You won’t pay for
  • Fees meals and snacks
  • Personal shopping
  • 4WD car / Safari
  • Transfer to other cities


  • Khara / Varzaneh Desert (Sand dunes)


  • Driving time from city city center to desert is about 1.5 to 2 hours by sedan car. 120 (Km)
  • Planning for bigger group is possible by van (4-7 persons). Please ask about conditions and price.
  • Planning by 4WD car is possible form Isfahan for 75€/$ extra charge (for up to 3 persons each 4wd car)
  • Visiting saltlake is possible (for 25€/$ more charge)
  • If you need to be dropped in an other city please ask about the new conditions.
  • The Best Season to visit desert is since late September to mid April.
  • The best time of day for half day desert tour is before sunset.
  • Usual tour timing is:


Desert hiking

Leaving and back to city

Back to Isfahan


15:15 to 15 minutes
before sunset

When sun will be
disappeared (light sky)

2 hours after
sunset (Night driving)


  • What to wear? Depend on season is better to wear long sleeves shirt and pants. don’t use your regular shoes (for travel) in desert. It’s better to take shoes and socks off the walk on sands.
  • Take care of your digital objects/accessories specially camera and lenses.

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