Sar Agha Seyed Village Tour

The most unique village of Bakhtiari nomads

a full package tour from Isfahan

Sar Agha Seyed Village Tour

Sara Agha Seyed village is one of the rural-nomadic tourism attractions in Iran. In the construction of this village, stair and hallway architecture has been used because the village is located on the steep slopes of the mountains. The people of the village are all Bakhtiari nomads who have settled there for centuries. This village is located between the Zardkuh mountains in the Zagros mountain range. To reach the village of Sir Agha Seyed, you have to travel the mountainous road by a four-wheel drive (4WD) car.

The tour of Sar Agha Seyed village starts from Isfahan. According to the time (duration) and the services which the travelers want, it’ll be scheduled varies and the price is also different. The tour of the Sar Agha Seyed village is one of the most unique experiences of traveling to Iran. In this tour, you can see the nomadic lifestyle, local foods, the special nature of central Zagros and gain many experiences of nomadic life.

Duration: 2 Days - 1 Night

Date: Mid May to Early October

Group: 1-3 persons (more is possible)

Difficulty: Medium (3-3.5/5)

Price: from 115 $ / Person


You’ll pay for
  • English language tour guide, experienced on the route
  • Accommodation according to selected package
  • Tour transportation according to selected package
  • All meals according to selected package (FB)
  • Local guide from village in mountains


You won’t pay for
  • Tour guide with non-English languages
  • Insurance (any type)
  • Any medical expenses
  • Tip to staffs / Guides / Drivers
  • Any personal shopping
  • Extra services more than packages
  • International / Domestic flights
  • Vegetarian / Vegan food
  • Snack
Compare 2 Packages

Package 1

1 Night stay at Hotel

Service Details:

  • Accommodation: 3 Stars hotel in Chelgerd the city
  • Transportation: 4WD car from Isfahan for whole tour / Sedan car from Isfahan to Chelgerd and return plus local 4wd car from/to city to/from village
  • Melas: 1 dinner in restaurant + 1 breakfast at hotel + 1 local lunch in village
  • Tour guide: English language
  • Local guide: Farsi language (Lorish accent)

Schedule Summery:

1st Day:
Start from Isfahan at 4:00 pm.
Check-in at hotel + have short excursion in city
Have dinner

2nd Day:
Move to village (8:00 am) after breakfast at hotel (2.5~3 hours drive) + some stops
Visit village and hiking to natural attractions (1~2 hours)
Back to village for lunch and free time/rest
Back to village at 3:00 pm (~2.5 hours drive) and Isfahan (2~2.5 Hours)

Sar Agha seyed Village Tour Price - by Alireza Damadzadeh

Package 2

1 Night stay at local home

Service Details:

  • Accommodation: Local House in village
  • Transportation: 4WD car from Isfahan for whole tour / Sedan car from Isfahan to Chelgerd and return plus local 4wd car from/to city to/from village
  • Melas: 1 lunch in restaurant + 1 local dinner in village + 1 local breakfast in village
  • Tour guide: English language
  • Local guide: Farsi language (Lorish accent)

Schedule Summery:

1st Day:
Start from Isfahan at 9:00 am.
Lunch time in city
Move to village (2.5~3 hours drive) + some stops
Visit village and hiking to natural attractions (1 to 2.5 hours)
Back to village for dinner and free time

2nd Day:
Morning excursion as free time / hiking
Back to Chelgerd at about 9:30 am (~2.5 hours drive) then Isfahan (2~2.5 hours)

Sar Agha seyed Village Tour Price - by Alireza Damadzadeh
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More Information / FAQ's

Do you have more questions?

Hello, I am Alireza Damadzadeh, a tour guide and recommended Stefan Loose and Bradt guide books for Sar agha seyed village and eco-tours. to know me better please have a look to the home page.

Sar Agha Seyef village is one of the tourist attractions of Bakhtiari nomads and Zagros mountains. The road of this village has been closed for more than 6 months due to heavy snowfall. But in spring and summer, it is very spectacular and beautiful due to the many springs and greenery of the area. Because the life of the people of this village is directly related to nature, their lifestyle is very attractive for urban people, especially for adventurous tourists. In this tour, you will get to know the lifestyle, architecture, culture, language and other characteristics of the Bakhtiari nomads and the village of Sar Agha Seyed. After all these you’ll go for short hiking to visit some beautiful natural attractions.

The Sar Agha Seyed Tour is great for travelers who are into adventure, get to know new things and they don’t care about path’s hardness.

Usually I don’t recommend it to old people because the road rocky and bad. So for this reason, the car is constantly shaking. However, if you think you have the stamina to reach the village, I highly recommend you to experience this trip.

This tours is not recommended to the family groups including kids. Children under the age of 15 may get into trouble and slow down or stop the tour.

Note: Please ask about you special conditions (if you have) before buy the tour.

Sar Agha Seyed Village is the main and last attraction we’re going to visit. On the way from Isfahan we’ll pass the cities Shahrekord & Chelgerd . On the way we have some stop to watch the landscape of the valleys, mountains and talk to some nomad. Depend on time of year perhaps we have chance to see nomadic/rural wedding party as well. On the way there are many springs that we will stop to take water and take rest.

In the village we are going to visit some local houses, go for short hiking and watch the village from the front view, Iranian oak forest and Salt ponds.

If you’ll stay 1 night in village you’ll watch the sunset and the diamond view of that.

According to the free time of drivers and cars, the vehicle is selected. Therefore, it is definitely not possible to introduce a car to you. But in general, the drivers are locals and they know the road.
If the tour starts from Isfahan with a better equipped and higher quality four-wheel drive car, a non-local driver will be used and of course the price of the tour will be slightly higher.

There is only one car, which is very old, but its driver is one of the famous people of the region (Local singer & Ambulance driver). He knows all the details of the area and drives safely. His car may not appeal to you in terms of comfort, but as a local character, this person is recommended.

The trip is fully organized but the thing I recommend to bring:

  • Every Travel Documents (Passport – Visa paper)
  • Personal items (toothbrush, clothes, towel, medicines or etc.)
  • Sleeping bag (package 2) if you want
  • Pillow cover & bed sheet (Package 2)
  • Cap, Sunglasses, Sunscreen cream or etc
  • Money (Cash Rial)
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • extra clothes
  • Vegetarian food

Note: Please do not carry luggage or big bags. Backpack is the most comfortable.

Any question? please ask on whats app before trip.

Passport & Iranian visa (Tag / Paper) are enough.

Note: According to the rules If you’ve entered as American/ British/ Canadian, before entering Iran, a travel permit must be issued by a travel agency. It is not possible to run this tour without this permission and the introduction of a specific guide. I am licensed for these three nationalities and can be referred by the agency.

If you are sure about your trip, you can pay the amount in two ways:

  1. You are now in Iran and you have decided to travel. In this case, we will meet you when you are in Isfahan and you will pay 50% of the amount. The remaining 50% will be received at the time of starting the tour. (Both in cash)
  2. You are outside of Iran: in this case, you will pay 40% of the tour amount as a deposit to the account number that we will inform you. The remaining amount (60%) will be received in cash at the time of the tour.


  • If there are special conditions for payment, you can pay the amount with cooperation.
  • In the second method, transaction costs should be added to the deposit amount of 10%.

first of all I work based on the trust of my guest. Therefore, please pay the amount for this trip if you make a definite decision.
Due to the fact that the cost of the hotel/rural accommodation must be paid in advance, it is not refundable money (1 night is not included in the cancellation). Therefore, at least 40% of the amount will be deducted for the cancellation of the tour.


You need Your Package?

If you need your own tour with different duration and services, please be in touch to make it for you.

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